Monday, February 27, 2012

A Long Overdue "Hej" til 2012!!

New Years Eve

Okay sooo my other January post, yeeeea didn't happen. So I'll just post it at the end of February!

My new years eve was a great night! At exactly 6:00 in the evening, I sat down with my host family and watched the Queen's speech. Luckily, there were subtitles so that I could understand a least a little bit of it due to her speaking an older more proper form of Danish. Afterwards we sat down to dinner, I ate very quickly because I had a party that night at a friends house. By nine o'clock we were all assembled at my friends house, just a small group of us but it was definitely the best New Years ever. Just a bit before midnight we all stood on either a chair on the couch. That's right, the Danes have this awesome tradition where they jump into the New Year. So beware to friends and family back home, if you celebrate the New Year with me anytime in the future, I will force this amazingly awesome tradition upon you! After it struck midnight and our jump into what is now 2012, we all hugged one another, wishing one another a "Godt
nytår!" and then danced a few more hours until we were to exhausted to do so!

Chocolate!! (:
We started school back up again on Wednesday the 4th, and then my birthday was the next day! At 6:10 in the morning, my host family came in singing the traditional Danish birthday song. It was a great way to start my day. We then ate breakfast together, which we don't normally do on weekdays, so it was really nice. Here in Denmark it's tradition for you to bring the cake. So I brought cupcakes with "American" frosting, as my class calls it. They loved it and many people asked for more then one. What can I say? Danes love cake! Then on the 6th of January I had the 3 girls from my music class and one of the other exchange students at my school come over for hot chocolate and buns. It was great getting to know them better and we made plans to hang out again! On the 20th of January I had the girls in my class over to help celebrate my birthday. It was fantastic! The girls in my class helped me realize how much they really do love having me in their class. They pooled their money to buy me a picture frame and then we took a picture of us all that night, so I can put that picture in the frame to help remember them all by! They also bought me lots chocolate, knowing my addiction to the wonderful concoction that is European chocolate, along with a few other small very meaningful gifts.

I have just decided that I'll make a separate short post about February or else this one would be way to long!

Vi ses snart!
♥  Kelsea Jo

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